Benefit concert for orphaned children in Zimbabwe

After establishing and supporting two schools in Kenya (Ugari) and Niger (Maradi), as well as SOS Children’s Villages and the Initiative “Light in the Darkness,” the association “Kinder für Kinder” is now dedicated to another fascinating project:

The proceeds of the benefit concert will go to the “Faith Farm Children’s Home” project by Martin Karombe (from Mutare/Zimbabwe) and Nicole Karombe-Rott (from Polling in Tyrol). The couple, who met in 2014 while working together with orphans in Zimbabwe, has been living in Tyrol since 2017 and is working together with five other board members of the Kurima association to realize its heart project: the construction of a children’s village near Chegutu in Zimbabwe (about one hour from the capital Harare).

In recent years, a well and some huts have already been built, and four boys now live there who had to leave their homes for various, sometimes very dramatic reasons and became orphans. They are now cared for as foster children by the caregiver “Mama Faith,” employed by the Kurima association, who takes care of her protégés with heart and soul.

Since the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe is over 90 percent, it is particularly important to the initiators that the children learn a lot about agriculture so that they can perhaps support their own families later on. The children’s village also tries to sustain itself as much as possible through farming, i.e., vegetable cultivation, permaculture, and livestock breeding. The farmer Sixtus and his family living there grow vegetables and fruits and keep goats and chickens. This gives hope that poverty and the number of orphans can be reduced in the future.

The goal is to expand the village and officially register it as a children’s home so that more children can be taken in. The condition for this by the official authorities in Zimbabwe, however, is an administrative building that now urgently needs to be built! Because the demand for places is high!

By attending the benefit concert, you are directly supporting the construction of the children’s village!

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Benefit Concert for Orphans in Zimbabwe – Carmina Burana

Wednesday, June 15

Congress Innsbruck Hall Tirol

Start: 7:00 p.m.

The concert will take place while maintaining distances. Limited number of participants!

The proceeds will go to the “Kurima – New Life for Zimbabwe” association.

Tickets: Innsbruck Information, Raiffeisen banks, Ö-TICKET presale points. Discounts for: students, apprentices, military/civilian service personnel, pensioners, Raiffeisen customers, Ö1 club and TT club members (each with ID), children up to and including 14 years of age. Information about the various entrances to the Hall Tirol can be found on the ticket! Mask requirement until you reach your seat.